The Social Cooperative Enterprise, under the name “PERI TON APANTON AGONIZOMAI” which in free translation means, “I fight for everything” was established by the Greek Ministry of Work, with Social Entrepreneurship Registration Number 00 539.


The scope of this Social Cooperative Enterprise is to promote the ancient Hellenic civilization, to promote collective actions and goods through the development of economic and social initiatives, local, regional or in a wider area. This can be achieved primary through our website and then through Cultural & Sports activities which will take place in Ancient Greek historical locations.


Secondary, the aim of this enterprise is to energizes the local communities who produce local traditional products. This will increase the local employment, not only for those who produce this products but also for those who are occupied with their disposal, both domestically and abroad.


The money from these actions, will be funded to population groups, which are “affected” by the economic crisis in our country in the recent years. These have to do with: health care, psychological support, education, distribution of food, clothing and relief items to institutions and schools at all levels.


Finally, there will be a contribution to the “green growth”. We will try in cooperation with companies in the area, to install any type of power plant (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and Units Conversion Biodiesel etc.) so that , free electricity to be circulated to those who are affected by the financial crisis.

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